It is here that dedicated artisans still practice this art as a legacy handed down the generations. Their style of working remains much the same as it has been since anyone can remember.

What makes Silver Filigree so unique and delightful to the discerning eye, is the fact that no two works of art are ever the same. Each item is a distinct, elegant masterpiece, whichmakes us marvel at the incredible craftsmanship and the close attention to detail that has gone into creating it.

In Filigree work, the articles have an intricate trellis-like network (referred to as 'jali' in the local parlance) made of twisted silver wire. The making of this silver wire is in itself a fascinating process. Pure silver ingots are put through a wire-drawing machine to produce very fine hair-like wires. Two of the thinnest wires are heated and wound around a 'charkha' and flattened again. These are then twisted together and crimped into zigzag patterns around the ribs of the design formed by thicker strips of silver, and expertly soldered. The motifs are usually leaves, flowers, creepers, animals and birds.

Once encouraged and patronised by the Nizams of Hyderabad, during whose reign it flourished, Silver Filigree is now yours to appreciate and give it a fresh lease of life so as to regain its past position of glory.


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